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Ideas = Strategy = ROI

Helping you move in the right direction.

You have the best big idea and aren't sure what to do with it or how to monetize it. Are you moving in the right direction for your business goals? What is missing? What is too much? What tactics should you use or ignore? What are your competitors up to? What do customers really want? Nifty Method will help you evaluate where you are right now and provide a game plan to move you in the right direction and maximize ROI.

HOW CAN WE HELP? Our expert team will use proprietary market insights, competitive analysis, detailed research, and more than 20 years of collective experience, to help you determine what your audience really wants, where you're exceeding expectations, and where there is an opportunity for action

ARE WE THE RIGHT FIT? Hiring a consultancy is kind of like dating. At a minimum, you need chemistry, timing, and a genuine respect for each other to make it as a partnership. Don't guess about whether or not we're the right fit. Check out what we look for in clients.

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While we customize to your organization’s needs, many of our projects look like this:

  1. In-depth research. Into your business/organization, category, competition, current content, customer insights, analytics, technology, processes, and more.
  2. Quantitative Analysis. Detailed surveys of current customers, prospects, and lost customers to study key perspectives, attitudes, content consumption patterns, and more.
  3. Qualitative Analysis. 1:1 conversations with key stakeholders on your team, as well as interviews with current and prospective customers.
  4. Strategy Summary. Assessment and overview of the consulting topics events, inbound marketing, sales, PR, communications, or customer experience current and future reality, including key messaging, calls to action, buyer personas, best channel alignments, metrics and measurement, and amplification. This deliverable also includes an unveiling of the key strategic transformations necessary to meet business objectives. This is the “what” of our work.
  5. Operations Playbooks. Highly detailed documents (typically 3-5) that specify precisely what needs to be done to consistently and accurately put into practice the new/improved program described in the Strategy Summary. This is the “how” of our work.
  6. Ongoing Counsel. Lightweight weekly support to answer questions, refine playbooks, connect dots, and pitch in where needed. 

Let's Work Together


We help you acquire and connect with your leads.


We help you keep your customers and then turn those customers  into raving fans.


We help you determine where to unleash sales performance for increased revenues.


We help you protect and amplify your brand. 


We help event organizers laugh in the face of failure and create strategies that empower human connections.

Insightful, creative, energetic, warm, and 100% authentic. Nifty Method's team has mastered the art of combining the right mix of talent, tactics, and strategy to leave audiences raving about the experience and coming back for more. 

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Karin Hurt Let's Grow Leaders

A team that understands the preparation and planning needed to make a large project look easy. Nifty Method is the agency you want as part of your team when unexpected problems arise and action is needed. 

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Steve Heye Netsuite

working with a consultant doesn't have to be stressful

Nifty Method is here to help you focus on WOW! moments that create human connections and business results your boss or board is pining for. 

Are you ready to take your strategy to the next level? We'd love to help. Book a time today to share your big ideas and vision. We look forward to helping you transform it into reality.